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Among the Tuatha Dé Danann there was one they knew as the The Dagda, 'the goodly one'. He was their great Irish God of wizardry and druid craft; warrior, hero, chieftain, and King. Yet, though this man bore many names, one of the most well know is Ollathar, 'father of many'... and it is to this title that we will turn to today. In this course we will dive into Ireland's ancient lore and explore the Dagda's role as a father and hearth keeper; a deity of domestic life, and a role model for healthy masculinity today.

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What do folk say about the Course:

This is a great class to dip one's toes into the water of the early stories and Gods of Ireland. Thank-you so much for offering this up in service Jon, and also in a way that discusses toxic masculinity and connecting with the Dagda as more of an empathetic Father figure. I've always shied away from the Gods, but you made this very approachable and cozy. I highly recommend this course! -Derek Healy

Thank you so much for this. Healthy masculinity has been a struggle for me for a long long time. For me, particularly as a transmasculine person, this has been a really meaningful and helpful course - Neamhain Hughes Virtue

Having little to no knowledge of the Irish pantheon of male deities, I felt that I stepped into a wonderful level of intimate experience and cultural background in a matter of a few paragraphs. From the warm and personable start to the mapping of the mythos landscape then to the examples of interlinking the Dagda to my own life journey, this is a rewarding turn down my own "path less taken." Thanks much! - Charmine Whitney

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Jon O'Sullivan
An Scéalaí Beag


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